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The unique challenges of having a blended family


The princess has decided lots of things over the last two weeks.

  • Princesses only wear clothes they deem pretty enough.
  • Dresses and poofy skirts are the only things pretty enough for princesses to wear.
  • If mommy puts pants on or goes near the clean laundry pile, she is clearly trying to escape.
  • If mommy goes to the closet, she clearly needs wardrobe assistance. Princesses should always pick mommy’s clothes to the proper princess standard. See the item above.
  • The baby eats mommy but it’s okay as long as the princess is overseeing to make sure the baby doesn’t accidentally eat mommy in a way that is ouchie.
  • Freckles are ouchies.
  • Breakfast is for losers.
  • Screaming is extremely effective.
  • Cheese is the only important food group.
  • What used to be the favorite breakfast food, apples & cinnamon oatmeal, does not have cheese. See items above.
  • Anthony’s name is now daddy.
  • Mommy’s house is “home”.
  • Cows may say “mooooo” but baby cows say “Awwwwwww”

Princess Zoey has officially started calling Anthony daddy. I feel like I’m treading in an emotional minefield. This is a huge development, especially as her attitude towards him has pretty much been that of “you are my substitute mommy until mommy is here and then I act like you are the prince of darkness and you hang me upside down by my toes and make me eat vegetables”. We had a long talk about this when we decided to get married and both agreed that it would be Zoey’s decision what she wanted to call him and when. I’ve referred to him as “Anthony” to her until we started getting into the gray area. A couple of weeks ago we were sitting on the couch and she pointed to him on my phone background.

“Who’s that?”

“That’s Anthony, baby,” I replied. She made her thinking face that she picked up from him, screwing her mouth around to make it look like she’s chewing on her lip.

“Who’s that? Daddy?” She said, pointing again.

“Is it daddy?” I asked her. She thought for a moment again and then nodded.

“Daddy.” The word didn’t appear again that night, or most of the next day until Anthony was headed for the store. Zoey looked up at him as he was leaving and waved.

“Bye bye daddy.” For a moment I thought he was going to explode he smiled so big. She got forehead kisses and a “Bye bye baby.”

Until she went back to her papa’s, I continued to refer to him as Anthony to her, worried that if I switched too soon I would be making a change she wasn’t comfortable with yet. The next Monday she surprised me with continuing to call him Daddy. We made the transition as well, and now Anthony is “Daddy”. We refer to Isrrael as “Papa” here to avoid confusing her, but she doesn’t seem to be having any trouble with it.

Of course, Mommy is still preferred to snuggle with over Daddy, but her feelings toward him are easy to see. She’s sad and wants to text or call him if he leaves for work before she wakes up, and asks after him when she deems he’s been at the store for too long. It’s a delicate balance, and one that will continue to be delicate for a long time, but at least she’s setting her own pace.

And papa invited me (plural!) to the birthday party he’s throwing for her. We’ve also managed to have several casual conversations. Can you say “progress”?

At the rate she’s picking up new words lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Zoey could!


Silly Sundays


Sunday is lazy day at our house. Monday is Princess Zoey day so Sunday is the day of “hurry up and get the house swept/cleaned on your day off without a toddler underfoot” day. It’s usually the day we ignore our cellphones, spend the morning recharging spiritually and the afternoon working on getting the house in order and enjoying each other’s company.

Tonight Anthony’s off getting some well-earned guy time, my husband is the best stay at home dad during the week, and Knight Tristan and I are at home playing and listening to music.
Here’s where we get our silly! Tristan loves all kinds of music, especially, as I discovered this evening, PSY and Hyuna’s “Gangnam Style” videos. Daddy is not particularly thrilled about this (at least, not as excited as he was about Tristan’s love of Tool and Apocalyptica) but I think it gives me a very good excuse to dance around the house and pretend I’m still sexy and/or can dance.

Here’s a video of my knight singing along with “Oppa is just my style”, enjoy the baby adorableness:

New things from old


The last few weeks have been really busy with settling into our new house and jobs. It’s been interesting getting into a routine and working on digging out of the rut we’ve been in. Things are looking up! I’ve had the free time and energy to work on things I’ve been wanting to, like sewing projects and meal planning.

Here is the dress I made for Zoey this week, it was an old shirt of mine and I added the lace and did the straps by hand. I’ll lace the sides with cream ribbon to close the sleeves some without cutting.


Big smiles and big bedhead


I can’t wait to get my sewing machine for Christmas! There are a lot of old cute shirts that I have that Zoey would love as dresses.

I’ll leave you all with a birds’ nest recipe I found on Pinterest, posted on The Little Birdie Blog.

Fluffy butts everywhere!


Tristan in his new BumGenius 4.0, Albert print.

After taking a break with cloth diapering my daughter, we are back at full force! With two under two and potty-training on the horizon, cloth seemed like the most affordable method, and I’ve always preferred using cloth to disposables. With working part time, the extra load of laundry doesn’t cause much stress and I usually throw them in with hard-worn work clothes or towels and do an extra rinse.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I did a lot of research on cloth diapers, both the more convenient kinds like All-In-Ones (AIO’s) and the old fashioned prefolds with covers. I settled on a one-day stash of both. I went with KangaCare’s One Size Rumparooz for my pocket diapers (they had seconds available at the time, which made their price lower than normally cheaper brands like BumGenius and FuzziBunz) and Thirsties Duo Wraps with cotton prefolds for my at-home prefold and cover diapers. One size cloth diapers have been my absolute favorite, most fit from 8-35 pounds and range from $7-25 depending on the brand and quality. This allows me to use the same diapers on my 2 month old son and my 22 month old daughter, completely eliminating the need to buy two different sizes of disposables. Now, the Thirsties Duo Wraps aren’t a true one size diaper. Instead of having one size or five (Newborn, small, medium, large, extra-large), they have two sizes available: one that fits 6-18 pounds and one that fits 18-40 pounds. This allows their diapers to fit tiny newborns better than most one size diapers, and also lets them fit larger toddlers (like my daughter, who is 37 pounds at 22 months) without being too tight.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this generation’s cloth diapers, there are many different kinds to choose from and benefits to each. Prefolds and covers are much like the cloth diapers that our parents used and are cheaper than the more convenient kinds, though they require a little more time for changes. However, safety pins aren’t needed for these diapers anymore: there are some products like Snappis that can be used with one hand and without the fear of accidentally sticking your baby! Pocket diapers and AIO’s run a bit more expensive than prefolds, but are worth it for the easy no-hassle changes. These diapers are put on as one piece. Some of them, like AIOs, are always one piece and some, like pockets, have absorbent inserts that are stuffed in the diaper before you change the baby. I usually stuff my diapers as soon as they cool from the dryer, allowing me to have diapers on hand that can be used just as quickly as a disposable would.

I am in the process of trying more brands of cloth diapers (I just bought a BumGenius one size pocket diaper last week and I’m really liking it), but I haven’t really run into any trouble with a diaper not working the way it should. Different kinds have their advantages and disadvantages, leaks happen (often due to user error as I’ve never really had to think about which direction my baby is peeing before…), and different brands do seem to fit differently. Though I haven’t had much time with my new BumGenius diaper yet, I like the way it fits my 2 month old better than the way the Rumparooz do.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be getting three new brands of diapers in the mail: Sunbaby pockets, Pororo covers, and a Thirsties all-in-one, in addition to trying out home-made cloth baby wipes. I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on the way that each fit, their absorbency on each of the kiddos, and do an overall comparison as well.

I am not being compensated in any form for this review, all opinions written here are my own.