Summer Infant prepping for Spring!


With spring in full swing, organizing and getting ready for a new year (with a new addition!) has been crazy. The first thing on our list for the year was “bed-training” Tristan, our 21 month old son. He’s been either co-sleeping, in a crib, or a pack and play for his entire little person life, but with a baby on the way and his climbing skills only sharpening, we knew the days of confined sleeping were coming to a close. Tristan is very spirited and curious (read as: he likes to mess with things he knows he isn’t supposed to mess with, preferably in the most dangerous fashion possible). So, when the conversation of switching him to a Big Boy Bed came up, I insisted we get a video monitor to mount in the kids’ room before we put the pack and play away for good. 

We settled on the Summer Infant Secure Sight Handheld Video Monitor, which is a mouthful, but super easy to set up. It came with cord trappers, and a screw and wall anchor to mount it with. I mounted it above the kids’ window, so I could get a full view of the room. At $120 and using NO BATTERIES, HOORAY, it was a great value. If we’d had an extra hundred to spend on it, I’d have dropped the extra for their wifi model, which you can view from your smartphone and move the camera remotely. While those would be nice, the video monitor is seriously the best thing that has happened to toddler room sharing. My kids are fairly certain I have X-ray vision now that I can just say “GET BACK IN BED” loudly without even opening the door to their room. I think I’m in love. 

This is my second Summer Infant purchase, my first was their ridiculously large (up to 12 ft) baby gate that has kept my computer safe from unexpected “PUSH THE LIGHT BUTTON” shut downs for 4 months now! Both are incredible products and I must say that for any purchases for baby #3, they’re going to be the first brand I look at.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time enjoying this slight break in freezing temps, and starting Spring off with a bang! More DIY and organizational things will be coming soon. 🙂

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