Silly Sundays


Sunday is lazy day at our house. Monday is Princess Zoey day so Sunday is the day of “hurry up and get the house swept/cleaned on your day off without a toddler underfoot” day. It’s usually the day we ignore our cellphones, spend the morning recharging spiritually and the afternoon working on getting the house in order and enjoying each other’s company.

Tonight Anthony’s off getting some well-earned guy time, my husband is the best stay at home dad during the week, and Knight Tristan and I are at home playing and listening to music.
Here’s where we get our silly! Tristan loves all kinds of music, especially, as I discovered this evening, PSY and Hyuna’s “Gangnam Style” videos. Daddy is not particularly thrilled about this (at least, not as excited as he was about Tristan’s love of Tool and Apocalyptica) but I think it gives me a very good excuse to dance around the house and pretend I’m still sexy and/or can dance.

Here’s a video of my knight singing along with “Oppa is just my style”, enjoy the baby adorableness:


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