Taking the edge off of online expenses


My last post was about cloth diapers, and this is actually related. While you can purchase cloth diapers in brick and mortar shops, they are difficult to find in some areas and many parents choose to buy online. Many times, purchasing online is cheaper, especially if you get involved in one of the many co-ops that can provide parents with diapers at a near-wholesale price. Of course, there’s the waiting game while orders are filled or packages are shipped, but getting surprise diapers in the mail is worth the wait, especially when you know you’re getting a great deal.

For the most part, I’ve purchased my diapers through online retailers, Nicki’s Diapers being one of my personal favorites for their rewards program and free shipping on most everything. One of the biggest benefits for shopping online for me is that I bum around on the internet and take surveys while I’m at home or nursing. Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I’ve made over $20 straight to my PayPal account that I can use to buy diapers or anything else online. I love it! I get to save money on the money I’m spending to save money. Now, there are lots of different survey sites online, but the ones that I’ve enjoyed using the most are QuickRewards and InboxDollars. QuickRewards earns cash a little bit slower than the other, but you can cash out with no minimum as many times as you want to. InboxDollars has a minimum of $30 but there are more offers and emails available. 

Between the two of these, only half of my diaper expenses for this month will come out of my pocket, which I think is pretty impressive. I enjoy spending wisely and reducing costs. I hope to save enough money on diapers over the next two months to buy a printer for all the online coupons I’ve been running across!


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