The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy with working out moving, finding a house, and getting jobs lined up for when we move. So far we’ve only had two things work out well for us on that front: we found a great (though definitely temporary) place and were able to sign it, and I got my job back at the coffee & sandwich shop that I worked at before. I’m thrilled to be back working for them, they are wonderful ladies and it’s a great, stable environment.

The house is nice as well, I’ll get pictures up when we actually get down there and settled in. Actually, about that… we were supposed to be moving first thing this morning but our rental truck was double booked and now we have to wait until Monday. The good news is that we’re packed in advance! The bad news is that we’re going to have to get creative to avoid unpacking much as all of our clothes and dishes are already bagged and boxed. 

Despite the trouble we’ve run into the last week (the moving truck confusion, and my car broke down day before yesterday on our way home from signing the lease!) I’m very excited that we’re finally going to have our own place and work toward getting all of our finances settled. Hopefully we’ll be able to save up some money and keep an eye out for a two bedroom house to move to sometime in the next year. I imagine that move will be much easier, as we’ll already have jobs in the area and may even actually have a functioning car! Maybe maybe maybe.


Can I start unpacking and organizing yet?


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